Guest Speaker Topics

Guest Speaker topics are not restricted to this list. HSFSA chapters are encouraged to create their own topics related to international relations!

Every HSFSA chapter's first Guest Speaker event has the following topic: Diplomacy and the U.S. Foreign Service.

Topics useful for MUN and Debate:
1. Humanitarian Aid management
2. Working with local authorities – personal experiences
3. Diplomacy as a science
4. Persuasion in diplomacy
5. Bringing adversaries to the table of negotiations
6. Lobbying in diplomacy
7. Winning the cooperation of local authorities
8. How diplomatic agreements are made

The UN:
9. The efficiency of the U.N. and potential development
10. Balancing national interests in the U.N.
11. U.N. decision-making: an inside perspective
12. How international relations influence UNESCO
13. Working in the IMF
14. Working in the World Bank
15. International relations and their impact on the World Health Organization

Working in a U.S. Embassy:
16. Getting used to a new country
17. Working in a warzone
18. Working as a Cultural attaché: creating a positive image of the U.S.
19. The role of Economic Officers
20. The job of Consular Officers
21. The work of Political Officers
22. Managing an embassy: an ambassador’s perspective
23. Etiquette in diplomacy: cultural differences

NATO and Europe:
24. The future of NATO: new opponents and development
25. Working as a diplomat in Russia
26. U.S. interests in Eastern Europe
27. Working in the U.S. Mission to the European Union

China and Asia:
28. The rise of China and the challenges it poses to the U.S.
29. U.S. foreign policy in South-East Asia
30. How to maintain U.S. influence in Asia
31. Deterring Chinese expansion in the South-China Sea

Afghanistan and the Middle East:
32. U.S. foreign policy towards Afghanistan: past and future
33. The future of U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East
34. Working as a diplomat in Iraq

The Americas:
35. The creation of NAFTA
36. Building dialogue with Venezuela
37. The future of relations with Cuba

38. Bringing stability to African nations
39. How the U.S. aids African Nations
40. Maintaining U.S. influence in Africa

Do you have a new topic that you'd like added to this list? Contact your HSFSA representative or!