Why Start a Chapter?
For a more detailed list of the benefits of starting an HSFSA chapter, please consult our Why Join The HSFSA page!
HSFSA guest speakers and the Foreign Service Journal (provided by the American Foreign Service Association) offer inside knowledge on issues in international relations of the past, present, and future.
HSFSA guest speakers recount their experiences of working in the U.S. Foreign Service and perfecting the Art of Diplomacy, granting students skills that have proven their worth in decades of practical application.
HSFSA guest speakers serve as role models to students, sharing their passion for diplomacy and serving their country. By extension, they inspire students to learn more about the world and to become active members of their communities.
HSFSA active events, such as group debates and Mini-MUN committees, provide an organized way of improving students' skills such as public speaking, persuasion, and critical thinking, serving as a perfect addition to MUN and Debate clubs.
HSFSA chapters can be created as part of already existing club - bypassing the hurdles of starting and organizing a new club, an HSFSA chapter created as part of an existing club will quickly bring benefits.
What Starting An HSFSA Chapter Will Give Your School
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