What We Do

Guest Speakers
The HSFSA provides free remote and in-person guest speakers to its chapters. The speakers are former and current diplomats - Officers of the U.S. Foreign Service - who share inside knowledge, personal experiences, and opinions on current foreign policy and diplomacy as a career field.

To provide an abundance of qualified and passionate speakers, the HSFSA works with its partner organizations - the American Foreign Service Association (AFSA) and the State Department's Bureau of Global Public Affairs (GPA) - and uses its own contacts.

Check out our Sample Speaker Topic List and Speaker Event Guide!

If you are a chapter leader, submit a Speaker Request!

Free Materials on Diplomacy
The HSFSA works with the American Foreign Service Association (AFSA) to provide free resources to its chapters. Once a chapter conducts its introductory speaker events, it starts receiving its free materials.

HSFSA chapters are provided with:

1. 4 copies of the third edition of Inside a U.S. Embassy, a Washington Post bestseller that was published by AFSA:

"Inside a U.S. Embassy is widely recognized as the essential guide to the Foreign Service. This all-new third edition takes readers to more than 50 U.S. missions around the world, introducing Foreign Service professionals and providing detailed descriptions of their jobs and firsthand accounts of diplomacy in action."

2. 5 copies of the Foreign Service Journal every month:

"The Foreign Service Journal covers foreign affairs from an insider’s perspective, providing thought-provoking articles on international issues, the practice of diplomacy and the U.S. Foreign Service. Including the AFSA News section, The Journal is published monthly (January-February and July-August issues combined) by the American Foreign Service Association."

This adds up to 44 free copies of materials on diplomacy every academic year!

Diplomacy Simulations
The HSFSA is partnered with the National Museum of American Diplomacy to bring Diplomacy Simulations to its chapters:

"NMAD’s Diplomacy Simulations immerse middle school, high school, and college students in skill-building role-plays based on real-world scenarios developed by diplomats and historians. During a Diplomacy Simulation, students practice collaborating with people who have diverse values, interests, and perspectives to reach a mutually beneficial outcome."

Unlike Model UN, Diplomacy Simulations are focused on the State Department and direct relations between countries. Centered on real-world events, it accurately recreates real-life diplomacy.

Awareness Campaigns
HSFSA chapters participate in the High School Foreign Service Association's Diplomacy Matters event, where HSFSA chapter members give presentations during other clubs' meetings about the relevance of diplomacy to the host club's topic.

Some examples of clubs with which an HSFSA chapter can cooperate for the Diplomacy Matters campaign are: 
  • Math Team
  • Business/Entrepreneurship club
  • Theater/Drama club
  • Reading/Book club
  • Community Service club
  • Science club
  • Green/Environmental club
  • Chess club
  • Foreign language/culture club
  • Technology club
  • And many more!

The Diplomacy Matters campaign raises awareness about the importance of diplomacy in daily life among students who do not have specific knowledge about diplomacy and international relations, helping increase the appreaciation for the U.S. Foreign Service's achievements in America's youth.

Educational Resources
The High School Foreign Service Association has recently started producing educational resources for students passionate about diplomacy!

Using the State Department's Office's of Treaty Affairs Treaties and Other International Acts Series, the HSFSA has created an interactive map and database for clearer visualization and analysis of the data.

In addition, the HSFSA publishes the "#DailyDiplomacy" series on its Twitter and Instagram, highlighting an agreement signed every day of the year.

Through such resources, the HSFSA strives to educate students about diplomacy and raise awareness about its significance.

Debates and Discussions
High School Foreign Service Associations are centers of safe, educational, and mutually beneficial discussion of foreign policy and international relations, permitting students to voice their ideas and opinions and increase their understanding of diplomacy.

HSFSA chapters frequently conduct debates and discussions to help their members learn from each other, share ideas, and improve their communication skills.